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Child car seats - National Police Chiefs Council seatbelt campaign - From the 13 to 26 June

Derbyshire Constabulary

Did you know that as your child grows and changes, your car seat should too?

A child car seat is a legal requirement and keeps your child safe during sudden braking or in a collision.


You must make sure that any children in the vehicle you’re driving are:

In the correct car seat for their height or weight, until they reach 135 centimetres tall or their 12th birthday - whichever is first.

Wearing a seat belt if they’re over 12 years old, or over 135cm tall.

The correct car seat requirements can change depending on your child’s height, weight, and age. You should also consider the requirements of your vehicle to ensure the seat is well fitted.

As a driver, you can be fined up to £500 if a child under 14 isn’t in the correct car seat or wearing a seatbelt in a vehicle.

But more importantly, having the correct child seat or ensuring a seat belt is worn reduces the risk of death or serious injury to all occupants of a vehicle in the event of an accident.

Roads Policing Officer, Sergeant Priddle said: “Road traffic collisions can have devastating consequences, and are often the hardest calls we have as officers each day.

“Wearing a seatbelt, or having the correct child seat installed, can be the difference between life and death. Please take the time to ensure that everyone in your vehicle is safe should the worst happen – even on short trips.”

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angelique Foster said: “Road safety is one of the key priorities in my Police and Crime Plan and I strongly support the force’s efforts in raising awareness of the issue of child car seat safety and the importance of wearing seatbelts.

“A correctly fitted child car seat can save lives. There is nothing more important than ensuring our children have the best protection in the unfortunate event of a collision.

“Many parents are still unaware of their legal obligations to their child’s safety during car travel. Failing to use seatbelts or using inappropriate seating for your child’s age, height and weight can carry a £500 penalty.

“We are working hard to increase safety across our road network and reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries. Driver education is vital to this strategy.”


From the 13 to 26 June, we are supporting the National Police Chiefs Council seatbelt campaign with targeted enforcement in this area.

We are using marked and unmarked vehicles to detect offences as well as ‘spotters’ on the pavement at check sites.

Checks have taken place in Buxton, Langley Mill, and Derby, with 69 tickets issued across these locations so far.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents provides further information about choosing the appropriate car seat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6InDX3pTvN0

Many retailers also have expert advisors to help you ensure that you’re purchasing the best option for your child, that can also adjust to their needs as they grow.

Further advice is available: https://www.gov.uk/child-car-seats-the-rules

Throughout June, we also aim to raise awareness of the Fatal Four – these are the most common dangers to those on the road whilst driving.

The Fatal Four comprise of:

• Inappropriate speed

• Using a mobile phone while driving

• Not wearing a seatbelt

• Drink / drug driving

The full details are available here: https://www.crestderbyshire.org/the-law/the-fatal-four/



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