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Tickets issued during patrols today

As part of our priority into Road Safety which includes speeding and dangerous parking offences such as those committed by parking on a white line system.

Officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team have been out on patrol today and issued Fixed Penalty Notices to vehicles contravening the white line system on B6521 Main Road, Nether Padley, Grindleford.

The vehicles that have been issued a Fixed Penalty Notice today were parked near a sign which advised them that parking at the location was an offence. Sadly, even with these signs in place motorists still commit offences putting themselves and other road users at risk.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team would like to point out that the reason for the white line system being in place is the safety of road users, and anyone parking there is placing other motorists and pedestrians at risk. This is the reason that the SNT will continue to enforce the prohibition of parking at the location.

Please note the below around parking on a solid white line system:

Double white lines are used to inform drivers of a hazard and where a continuous solid white line is present, prohibit drivers from overtaking as it is too hazardous to do so.
Double white lines also to separate opposing traffic flows on steep hills with climbing lanes. Double white continuous lines can also occasionally be used on single carriageway roads to divide lanes traveling in one direction.
A driving test can easily be failed by incorrectly following the rules of double white lines on the road. Furthermore, the law is strict in these circumstances and can result in penalty points of a full or provisional driver licence and a fine.

It is illegal to cross a continuous solid white line if the solid line is on your side of the road, except under certain conditions.
You are permitted to straddle or cross a continuous solid white line to enter a side road or property, to manoeuvre round a stationary vehicle blocking your side of the road, to overtake a cyclist, horse or a road works vehicle moving at 10 mph (16 km/h) or less. Crossing double white lines where the line closest to you is solid is illegal outside of the circumstances described above.
If the line closest to you is broken, you are permitted to cross this line providing it is safe to do so and that the overtaking manoeuvre can be completed before reaching a solid white line on our side of the road. Stopping on a road that has double white lines regardless of solid or broken on your side of the road is prohibited except to stop to pick up or unload passengers.

The fine for crossing double white lines where the line nearest to you is solid often results in a driving conviction code TS50 – Failing to comply with traffic sign (excluding ‘stop’ signs, traffic lights or double white lines – resulting in 3 penalty points and a fine.

You must NOT stop or park on a road marked with double white lines, even when a broken white line is on your side of the road, except to pick up or set down passengers, or to load or unload goods.
Failing to comply will result in 3 penalty points and a fine.

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